(NEWS CENTER) -- It turns out that you can actually step in the name of love.

A new dating app allows users to be matched with potential dates with who live similar lifestyles. Read: if you're lazy, you can find someone just as lazy as you are (or who loves the gym just as much as you do).

Here's how it works: Lime uses info from Apple's Health app or Google's Fitness app to analyze the step count and activity level. It's also hyper-location based, so matched users can see how many steps away their date is in real-time.

Users start by going through their nearby matches and tapping on a profile they are interested in. They can send a "Go" request for a real date. Like Tinder, they can chat within the app.

But maybe you're not interested in romance and would rather find someone who can deliver you booze instead of love.

There's an app for that too.

Drizly lets you shop for beer, liquor, wine and any other party extras that you need using your smartphone or computer. Enter your location and choose when you need the delivery: within the hour, the same day, or later on in the week. Voila, the liquor store arrives at your doorstep.

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The app serves 28 cities, including Portland. Old Port Spirits and Cigars is the sole provider in Maine that utilizes the service, and they've been doing it for six months.

Consider this a cease and desist notice to those using “the other" to preface Portland, Maine. Anyone who does so has never had the pleasure of following Maine's finest cobble-stone streets…directly to a bar featuring taps from multiple fantastic local breweries. Shop local liquor stores on Drizly to get some of those local suds delivered to your door.

"It's been great," said owner Jacques Devillier. "We deliver everything from beer, liquor, cigars, the whole nine yards."

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The delivery radius is from "just over the [Casco Bay] Bridge to Broadway, to Deering."

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Cheers to technology!