(NEWS CENTER)-- A popular musician was in Maine over the weekend and took some time to chat with us about one of his most popular songs. Matthew Paul Miller, more commonly known as Matisyahu, plays the Pine Tree State quite often. His hit song, 'One Day' released in 2009, is kind of an anthem for people in the world to get along. That message is as important today as it's ever been.

"Absolutely, I mean that song will always be relevant because there will always be things going on. We don't live in a perfect world. But we can try to have a vision of one or at least a world filled with more empathy. Songs like that serve as a prayer in a way to try to inspire people. When you hear a song it's a moment, flash in a bucket, but it gives you inspiration hopefully you can take out into your world." said Matisyahu.

Matisyahu and his management team gave us permission to use his video in our story. Here is a link to the entire video of 'One Day' that has been seen more than 45-million times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRmBChQjZPs