(NEWS CENTER)-- It is International Women's Day and people are celebrating their own achievements as well as the women they looked up to as role models growing up. In the world of college sports, there are far more men who are commissioners of leagues than women. In fact, out of 32 Division 1 basketball conferences, only 10 of them have female commissioners. Amy Huchthausen is in charge of the America East conference and we caught up with her over the weekend.

"I see incremental progress every day, but as long as you're moving forward, however a slow or fast that might happen I think it's positive. It's great to see more women get into this business, it is an option, for women to work in college athletics, and even as we see coaches, working mothers, to have their families here and their kids around practice. Those are the instances where we do leave an impression on college student athletes, high school kids, to see that it can be done. You can work, have a successful career, and still have a family as well."

There is currently just one female commissioner in FBS Division 1 football.