(NEWS CENTER) -- In the race for the Governor's seat, another candidate is expected to throw his hat into the ring on Thursday night.

Former speaker of the house Mark Eves says he has a big announcement to make regarding the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, and he's decided to make that announcement on Facebook Live.

There's still a long way to go before the election, so NEWS CENTER NOW hit the streets to see if voters are thinking about it yet, and if using social media to make the announcement matters to them.

Mainers we spoke with say they are paying attention to the candidates, and had mixed reviews on announcements. Max Felker of Portland thinks doing it live on social media is a smart move.

"It gives people the ability to comment and be a part of it, especially with Facebook Live," says Felker. "It allows people to ask questions and interact, and other people can interact in real time."

For others, it's more about the candidate than the announcement.

"Things have changed a lot, there are a lot of different ways of doing it," says Delvyn Case of Cumberland. "Whatever gets the message out is fine with me."

Political science professor at the University of Southern Maine, Ronald Schmidt, says the use of social media is a cost effective way to get that message out in a rural state like Maine. He says no matter how you announce your candidacy, at this early stage in the race, gaining support from donors is more important than reaching voters.

"The majority of voters aren't going to remember this week or this month when it comes time to vote in the primaries," says Schmidt. "If Eves and Mills and Mayhew at this early stage can convince people to donate money to them, to hire on with their campaigns, and help their message, then when that time comes, they are going to have the infrastructure in place to really reach those people."