What to do with the kids? That's the questions parents are asking themselves as a nor'easter sets it's sights on Maine Tuesday into Wednesday, likely causing school to be canceled.

South Portland Superintendent Ken Kunin says a snow day tomorrow is "probable." That would make 6 snow days so far this year for that district. Lewiston already racked up 6 snow days, before the storm tomorrow even hits. Both those communities, like most, are adding days to the end of the school year to make up that time. By law, 175 days of instruction are required each year.

Kunin says he's looking at alternatives to shrinking summer vacations, including adding an hour to each day of instruction to make up missed hours. However, he stresses that option will not be seriously considered unless there is another storm that causes snow days after this week.

Portland's Assistant Superintendent Jeanne Crocker says cancelling school is always a difficult call to make because of the burden it can be for working families, however she says the safety of students and staff is their number one priority.