BRIDGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This week's French fries were a hit with the NOW crew.

Just ten minutes from Shawnee Peak is Standard Gastro Pub, a gas station-turned restaurant (but they still sell gas, so you can fuel up in more ways than one).

Using Maine potatoes from Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg, the cooks at Standard Gastro Pub handcut their fries each day and soak them overnight in water with a little bit of vinegar. This helps remove the starches for a white fry that isn't too sweet.

Now for the fun part that makes these fries amazing: they use different "dusts" to sprinkle on top, which are a custom mix of different spices.

"The different cooks in the kitchen, my chef and siou chef and myself, we always get ideas from customers," said William Holmes, owner of Standard Gastro Pub. "We like to play around with different ideas and different ingredients to keep enhancing and making them more fun."

A variety of dipping sauces are also available to mix and match with the fries.

Unsurprisingly, the fries are the best selling item on their menu.