SOUTH BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There are two apps you can download that claim to help keep your children safe, by reminding you they're still in the car.

Precious Cargo and Kars 4 Kids are designed to alert parents once the engine is turned off that their child is in the car.

We downloaded Precious Cargo to try it out. It didn't seem to connect to the car's bluetooth, nor did it offer a reminder when the car had come to a stop.

While South Berwick police officer and child safety expert, Jeff Upton, agrees more tools can be helpful; he worries relying on technology will train our brains not to simply check on our own.

"That's my concern that our human nature, that what we are supposed to be doing in situations to guarantee their safety, we're going to start getting lazy," said Upton.

Bottom line, he says, just get in the habit of checking your backseat every time you exit the vehicle.