Spencer Krutzler runs a marijuana business in Portland, OR. His business recently began offering a pot delivery service. "I definitely expect a smile on every ones face when we show up to their front door," he said. Oregon voters approved recreational marijuana in 2014. Starting this year, licensed businesses started delivering to customers.

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Before deliveries could begin, regulators wanted to put some rules in place. To get a delivery, customers have to be 21 and sign for it, retailers can only deliver to a home (no motels or campgrounds) and the marijuana has to be transported in a locked box that's secured to the vehicle.

Overall, Krutzler thinks the whole process will feel familiar. "This is like, you're going to call the pizza guy, then you're going to call us," he said. "We're going to have a good time."

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In Maine, lawmakers decided to delay the start of recreational retail sales until next year in order to give agencies more time to come up with rules and regulations for the new industry.