(NEWS CENTER) - You've heard the saying - that you should've bought something when you saw it at Marden's.

Some Mainers who contacted NEWS CENTER say there are maybe some things you shouldn't be buying, specifically flood-damaged items from recent hurricanes that could be harmful for your health.

On Facebook, a Texas woman reacted, writing, "Please, please don't put yourself and your family in danger with these "discount" items. We had to throw EVERYTHING out for the sake of our health! Don't let Marden's fool you!!!!"

NEWS CENTER took a trip to some local Marden's to see if the flooded items were really there. We found dirty, flooded bikes - and discount sales specifically marketing hurricane items.

Some of you even sent us pictures of items you say were still wet at the store.

We reached out to Marden's, and the General Manager responded with answers.

Craig Burgess says that Marden's does in fact sell hurricane salvaged items at its stores. He said the company "is requested by insurance company representatives to go to natural disaster areas such as Texas and assist with the clean-up process."

Marden's does then sell these items - but the manager says they are kept outside in a parking lot sale and clearly marked as salvage from Hurricane Harvey.

In his words, Marden's "hides nothing," believes in "total transparency," and understands that "not every customer is interested in this type of product."

He says customers can "buy" a product, "take it home, wash it, test it and be sure they are happy with their purchase." If they aren't satisfied, they can return it.

You asked us to find out if these items were really being sold - and we got the answer, they are.

According to the CDC's website, "Floodwater can contain dangerous bacteria from overflowing sewage and agricultural and industrial waste."

They recommend that you clean any flood items with bleach and water.