PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Cumberland County Sheriff's office is unveiling a piece of 9/11 history, sitting just outside of the jail.

Sheriff Kevin Joyce was given a 100-pound piece of steel from one of the twin towers. It's now preserved in Portland, for anyone to stop by and see.

Gregory Ondo, an assistant professor of Art at the University of Maine in Orono, donated part of the sculpture; the granite towers holding the steel in place, which are positioned to represent the actual towers when they were standing.

Sheriff Joyce says it's important to not only honor the first responders lost, but to remember such an important piece of history for the entire nation.

"A lot of people, 16-years-ago today went to work never expecting the fact that they would not come home. Families sent their loved ones to work never expecting they wouldn't come home," said Joyce.

"There were a lot of heroes, not just first responders, but individuals who tried to help each other out on that very devastating day. So this will be our way to walk by every day and not forget the folks who really made a big sacrifice. There are families living with that sacrifice on a day to day basis, and we can't forget about that."