FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- NEWS CENTER wanted to get a viewer question answered; turns out it wasn't an easy answer.

Norm asked on Twitter: "Can you please find out when the Falmouth Spur will be open for EZ Pass express, can't get an answer."

First, Norm is asking about a connection on and off the Turnpike in Falmouth. Construction is complete on an EZ Pass expressway, which is why so many are wondering why it hasn't opened yet.

According to a spokesperson for the Maine Turnpike Authority, the holdup is in the software, which is brand new. Crews were out testing it on Thursday.

So why not use what's already in place in Gray; or in places like New Hampshire?

Well, the answer is that the Falmouth Spur toll will be a testing ground for a new EZ Pass express at the York toll booth. The technology there will need to be able to recognize three separate lanes of EZ Pass users.

That means if a truck towing a trailer is in one lane and a car is right next to it, the sensors need to acknowledge the difference between the two.

The second concern is that in York, traffic tends to back up during the summer rush. So, if someone is sitting below the sensors, they need to be sure the technology isn't charging more than once.

The MTA is hoping to have the EZ Pass open in Falmouth by the fall.