PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was not a good morning for TD Beach to Beacon organizers and the runners who wanted to register.

Thousands tried to log onto the website Friday morning in hopes of securing a bib for the race, but many were met with slow webpages that finally finished loading when it was too late.

Frustrated, people took to the race's Facebook page with their experience.

Race organizers responded to those who were upset and offered this statement in a Facebook post:

Wanted to let you know what we know so far re: registration. This year the demand for the race and registration traffic was higher than ever - more than double - which slowed the process down at the outset until our registration partner was able to respond. This is also the first year the registration platform was optimized for mobile devices, which likely also played a role in the initial lag. We are investigating the issues and will provide further updates as we get them. We are so sorry for the inconvenience this caused.

Meanwhile, a separate issue plagued the system Thursday for Cape Elizabeth residents, who had the option of a separate registration. Organizers said the issue on Thursday was due to a technical glitch, while the problem on Friday morning was due to an overwhelming amount of people trying to register.

Not all is lost if you didn't get a bib: you still have the option to enter the lottery system, which you can find here.