PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While America isn't totally safe from terrorism, European countries have had more incidents in the last couple of years. Many college students still think the reward of traveling outweighs the risk, for the most part.

"It changes the demographic of where I would be, I would probably rather go southern rather than Paris or one of the high-risk locations," said University of Southern Maine student, Chris Farinella.

"It is sort of an uncertainty going overseas and that definitely adds a big one, a lot of concern for being in a situation like that," said freshman, Michaela Marden about the increased threat of traveling abroad.

Of the top study abroad destinations, at least three of them have warnings for travelers: the UK is now at critical level, meaning they believe an attack is imminent.

Spain has a high terror threat, one step below the maximum.

France is next on the list and is currently in a state of emergency following multiple terror attacks. As of now, that state of emergency will be in effect until November.

"We have an Institutional board that is made aware of the fact that we have students abroad in those areas and we have potentially students studying here who may be from those locations. At the same time we reach out to those students just to confirm that they are okay and to see if they need help," said Sinclair.

"Our responsibility is to ensure that we are assessing the risk of that destination and helping the students to understand ways to protect themselves. Encouraging students to register with the state department while they are abroad, so there are a series of steps that we can take to help ensure students are as safe as possible."