It's fake news that will have you busting a gut.

New Maine News is the 207's very own version of The Onion, and after only a week of being online, it has already taken off.

The satirical website runs fake news stories about anything and everything that has to do with Maine. No one is safe: Senator Susan Collins, Maine Magazine, and Red's Eats have all made headlines.

Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling was also a subject, with a story claiming he, uh, called out New York City instead of Portland "during the throes of passion."

Strimling took it in stride on his Facebook and Twitter pages, admitting the article was actually funny. In a hysterical statement to NEWS CENTER, he said:

"Although I am certainly envious of the power Bill de Blasio holds and his ability to implement meaningful change for the people of NYC, I need Portland to know that you are my first and only love."

The creator of New Maine News is Seth Macy, a satirical writer for The Hard Times magazine. A property caretaker full-time, Macy said he came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago and assumed he would have to give up due to lack of traction.

He launched the site October 18, and with 1,500 Facebook likes in just seven days, he's in good hands.

"Your inside jokes with your group of friends are the funniest because you're the only ones who get them," he told NEWS CENTER. "So I've got all these Maine inside jokes, and there's only a million and a half of us, so we can all be this close group of friends and fave our little inside jokes."