(NEWS CENTER) -- A U.S. Marine who went to Camden Hills High School came up with one of the best mothers day gifts of all time.

Brandon Vinal surprised his mother and the rest of his family, by coming home for the first time in almost two years.

"It really hit me when I saw my mother run up there and hug her. Emotions got the best of me as you could see. Two years of not being here, it all came crashing down and you realize how much you miss them. A lot."

Brandon's mom Brenda was predictably very emotional by the surprise. "I've seen many of them on TV and in videos and it really is special when you see them coming home from deployment, I can't even watch that was on a video without starting to cry, it means a lot, it really does."

Brandon is only home for a week, and not only was he able to be in Maine for Mother's Day, but also to see his wife Alexis graduate from the University of Maine with a degree in chemical engineering.