At it’s heart, journalism is all about storytelling.

It shines a light on important issues and information. But sometimes, it enlightens us by engaging the human spirit. And Bob Elliot was one of the best storytellers you could ever meet.

Bob was a South Portland kid who left to find his niche in local TV, and then as a correspondent for NBC News.

But after years on the road for the network, Bob wanted a different lifestyle, and decided to move back home in 1986.

This was a lucky break indeed for the folks here at NEWS CENTER, and for viewers across Maine.

CLICK HERE TO SEE A PHOTO GALLERY FROM SOME OF BOB ELLIOT'S BEST STORIESBob Elliot could cover breaking news with the best of them. But his real gift was the lighthearted tweaking of TV news conventions, and the masterful way Bob would illuminate a big concept by focusing on a small, human story. And then there were times it was just for fun.In a decade at NEWS CENTER, Bob was "appointment TV."Long after his death in 1997, many of us in the newsroom still find ourselves recalling some special moment in his remarkable body of work, and remember how he helped everybody he worked with raise their game.But rather than talk about what a great storyteller Bob Elliot was, how about we just share some of those tales, dug out of what was once Bob Elliot’s lair in the basement of WCSH6?So this month on NEWS CENTER at 11, we will feature some of Bob’s most memorable stories, ones he himself chose to feature on his annual “Best of The Basement” specials.Whether you’re someone who fondly remembers Bob, or one who has never heard of him and just enjoys a well told tale, we hope you’ll have some fun dropping by the Basement.