MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Despite the optimism that surrounds the future of the Millinocket mill site -- Our Katahdin organizers say there is still a lot of work to be done and it would be years before the gates opened again.

"We don't make promises, we cant promise to revitalize and completely resurrect and bring it back to it's former glory" Our Katahdin's Vice President Mike Osborne said. "What we can promise is that everyone of us is going to give our best effort".

The former Great Northern Paper company mill site was purchased by the non-profit in January for one dollar. Since then the organization has been working on cleaning up the mill site, finding the best ways to utilize the property and taking care of liens that were attached to the purchase.

"No one wants to locate to a site that has a 1.5 million dollar IRS lien attached to it" Osborne said. "So that's where most of our effort is spent, trying to relieve some of that burden".

Those with the non-profit and in the community are staying optimistic about the future of the site. They feel it has a lot to offer potential business partners and they claim they already have several interested parties. The site is right next to a fiber-optic access point so they are hoping that will entice technology based businesses to set up shop there. "That's where the future of that particular part of the economy is headed and we feel that they have a great spot here" Osborne said. "It's just going to take time".

Time that Millinocket council chair Mike Madore stated the town is willing to invest in. "If it takes 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, at least we are moving in the right direction" Madore said. "Nothing is going to happen over night, but I think its going to be a success".