OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Old Town Fire Department evacuated the University of Maine Forest Bioproducts Research Institute's Technology Research Center Monday afternoon for a gas leak.

No one was hurt, a UMaine spokesperson said, when a leak occurred in a pressurized pie on a piece of equipment at about 5 p.m., releasing dilute sulfuric acid vapors into the air inside UMaine FBRI's TRC.

The spokesperson said TRC equipment was shut down and the building was evacuated as soon as the leak was detected.

The TRC is located near the site of the former Old Town paper mill on Main Street in Old Town and hosts a biorefinery pilot project working to turn wood fibers into biofuels.

NEWS CENTER recently toured the facility. It uses a number of chemicals including acids to break wood fibers down into biofuels.

Officials intend to evaluate necessary repairs Tuesday morning.