WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEWS CENTER) -- The vote is "no" from Maine Rep. Bruce Poliquin to repeal the Affordable Care Act without also instituting a replacement plan.

Poliquin laid out his position in a statement on Tuesday morning. His decision comes as Republican leadership in Congress tries to muster enough votes to fulfill campaign promises to strike down the ACA, also known as Obamacare. Options to repeal Obamacare either with or without a replacement plan are under consideration at the urging of Pres. Donald Trump.

Poliquin is no fan of Obamacare. “Let’s be clear, Obamacare is not working despite what some proponents of the status quo would have us believe," Poliquin said. "During six years of growing problems, the ACA has cost taxpayers billions and billions of dollars."


In 2015, Poliquin offered a 14-point plan utilizing free market forces to try to fix parts of Obamacare that he saw as deficient. That is still the direction Poliquin wants to take. "We need to ensure we have a plan in place, a glide path, to a new fiscally responsible and sustainable solution," Poliquin said. "Repeal without replace does not accomplish that mission.”

Poliquin is a Republican representing Maine's Second U.S. Congressional District.