*UPDATE* 12/8 12:45 p.m. – The protesters arrested Thursday have been identified as:

Christina M. Sillari, 54, of Portland;

Joshua S. Chasan, 71, of Portland;

Carie Johnsen, 54, of Augusta;

James C. Gertmenian, 70, of Cumberland Foreside;

Allen R. Ewing-Merrill, 47, of Portland;

Diane L. Dicranian, 62, of Bath;

Martha C. Soule, 67, of Readfield;

Molly A. Brewer, 31, of Portland;

Jonathan W. Wright-Gray, 72, of Ocean Park.

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For the second time this week, protesters were arrested for occupying Senator Susan Collins' office -- this time in Portland.

Faith leaders of all types protesting the GOP tax bill were arrested Thursday night after they refused to leave.

Ten people sat locked in the small lobby in her downtown office as a demonstration, which began at 11 a.m. Thursday. City officials say that while the protesters were peaceful, they refused to leave the building after the office had closed for the day.

Nine were charged with criminal trespassing and taken to Cumberland County Jail.

Throughout the day, the protesters sang and held signs urging Collins to vote no, while her staff was in the office.

"Because our faith traditions tell us to care for the poor and the least able in our society," said protester and protestant minister Jonathan Wright-Gray.

On Monday night, five protesters were arrested for a sit-in at Collins' Bangor office, also demonstrating against her vote on the tax bill.