A family from Indonesia, living in Somersworth, New Hampshire is feeling a sense of relief.
Tuesday afternoon, a federal judge in Boston granted an injunction delaying a federal immigration order to deport a group of Indonesians from New Hampshire.
The past 24 hours have been rather nerve-wracking for the Sombah family.
They've lived in the United States for 14 years and have jobs here.

Timothy Sombah came to the United States with his parents 14 years ago, he was only 15 then.
The Sombahs are Christians who were living in Indonesia where they say persecution from the country's Muslim majority threatened their well-being. Timothy was part of the DACA program once he came to the United States. He and his parents all have jobs and are active in their church. There were some paperwork hiccups during their time here but no serious talk from immigration officials about deportation, at least until this year

Suddenly, during a monthly check-in with ICE, the Sombahs found themselves fighting to keep the new life they'd built in America.

ICE denied Timothy's parents permission to remain in the U.S. and said they would have to leave the country by Wednesday.
But because of the actions of that federal judge Tuesday, the Sombah family will remain together in the United States for now.
They're grateful for the work of politicians and lawyers working on their behalf.
“Our attorney texted me that the stay was granted,” said Timothy. “My mom was in the bathroom, my dad was sitting next to me, I tackled him and I just bawled my eyes out. I hugged him. My mom came out of the bathroom seeing me cry. She's like ‘what's happening?’ ‘What's going on?’ I just hugged her and said you guys are staying for now, you guys are staying.”

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen released a statement saying she's pleased with the federal injunction so the state's Indonesian population can show how they've become an important part of their communities.
The Sombahs say they hope to eventually become American citizens but don’t believe a clear path to that goal exists yet.

They’re hoping Congress takes action on comprehensive immigration reform so there may one day be one.