(NEWS CENTER) -- Election Day 2016 is finally here, and NEWS CENTER has you covered on all platforms.

On the digital side, NEWS CENTER will be here with you all day long!

Follow us by searching our #NEWSCENTERnow hashtag. Ask questions; voice concerns, all using that hashtag. Check out our Facebook pages, WCSH 6 and WLBZ 2, at 9:45 am, as we speak to the nation on Facebook's #50States initiative.

We will be broadcasting to the country for 15 minutes, showing the nation what matters to Mainers in this election cycle. If you witness any voting irregularities today, that concern you, please reach out to us using our #NEWSCENTERnow and #VerifyVotes hashtags on social media. We will look into any concerns you have.

Facebook LIVE will be where it's at this year. Not only will we stream on our websites throughout the day, but we will also go directly to polling locations, party headquarters and wherever the day takes us, all on Facebook LIVE. Please give our pages a like and follow live video notifications. Don't worry old schoolers on Twitter; we'll be there too. Follow #NEWSCENTERnow hashtag and see where we are throughout the day. New schoolers, we need you too! Add #NEWSCENTERnow to your Instagram and Snapchat voting stories so we can see what is happening in your area.

Today is a day to rejoice. We have the right to choose who we want to lead our cities, states, and country. Many have fought and died to keep these rights. Please...VOTE! NEWS CENTER will be with you every step of the way!

On the go today? NEWS CENTER has you covered with our mobile apps! Simply download the iOS app or Android app for WCSH 6 or WLBZ 2, and you will have all you need in the palm of your hand. Election Central and Voice of the Voter tabs are right at the top for instant access to the most up to date information that you need today.

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