BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Those that are convicted of initiating a bomb threat in a school could face another penalty, losing their license for a year.

Lawmakers are considering the proposed bill in an effort to cut down bomb threats around the state.The penalty would be in addition to the Class C felony charge, fines, possible jail time and for students, expulsion. It would only apply to those convicted of initiating bomb threat that caused a school to evacuate. To see the bill's text, click here.

Maine is currently on track to fewer total threats across the state. The 2015 to 2016 school year saw 30 threats made -- so far this school year, there have been 15.
A few superintendents and principals in the Bangor area were hesitant to go on camera -- some felt it might give students the incentive to try making a threat just to see what happens. Students, however, were very vocal. They felt the punishment should be even harsher. 
"I personally think that they should lose it for longer because bomb threats are really serious" John Bapst student Jayda Smith said. "I feel like losing it for one year or like waiting another year or two to get it isn't long enough". Smith stated that she thinks a bill like this would make students listen. "If it happens to them or maybe they know people that it happened to and think 'oh wow this is serious I really won't have my license for this amount of time'" Smith said. "They will probably take it into more consideration."
Her classmate Skyler Burton agreed. "A lot of people that are saying it probably take it as a joke, but there are some people who aren't so you can't really tell the difference," Burton said. "So you need to put bigger punishments on it so they get that it's not a joke and they can't be joking about that or serious things are going to happen".
The proposed bill's hearing took place  Monday in Augusta -- a work session for the bill should be scheduled within the next few weeks.