SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A navy veteran who moved to Sanford just last week is begging for the public's help.

He says a careless mistake caused him to lose his life savings.

“I'm hoping that someone would have the good moral compass to return this money to someone who served our country,” said Tim Hercenberg. He’s begging for a miracle.

Hercenberg says he lost a bag containing his VA medication and $20,000.

“I've cried so much, I can't tell you,” he said.

Hercenberg says he sold his property in Pennsylvania, withdrew the $20,000 from his bank account, placed it into a money bag, and drove to Maine.

”I was planning to move to Maine,” he said. “That was the money I had set aside to perhaps purchase a small lot somewhere or even an apartment at some point.”

He was planning on depositing that money…until Wednesday - when he placed it on the outside of his car windshield. He then put his dog in the car, and says he forgot about the bag on the windshield. He drove away, and later discovered the bag was missing.

He even showed NEWS CENTER his bank statement to prove he had withdrawn the money from his Pennsylvania account.

Now he's stuck, using his credit card to pay for a motel room until he hopefully has his money returned.

“I still keep thinking I'm going to wake up from a dream,” he said. “This is all a dream.”

He's reported the loss to the Sanford police.

He’s hoping that some generous Mainer will find the bag and return it.

“I love this area,” he said. “I love the people of the area.”

Tim reported the missing money bag to the police.

If you find it - he asks that you please return it to the Sanford police station.