BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The trial of the man who led police on the longest manhunt in Maine's history and is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend, is now in the hands of his jurors.

Robert Burton is accused of shooting and killing Stephanie Ginn Gebo in 2015. Jurors began deliberating around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon after hearing closing arguments from both the State and the Defense. Prosecutor's reiterated that the relationship between Burton and Ginn Gebo was strained and that her death was no accident. However, Burton’s defense says he went to see her that night to work on their relationship. They claim things escalated, Burton was shot and when he tried to get the gun out of Ginn Gebo’s hand -- she was shot in the back, killing her.

Ginn Gebo’s father, Vance Ginn, has sat in the courtroom every day since the start of the trial. He says there is no question that Burton is guilty and that he doesn’t buy a word of what the defense had to say.

"In my opinion, when you look at the evidence, the things they were saying wasn’t true," Ginn said. "He went in to my daughters home, he caused major problems and at the end of it he murdered my daughter."

Ginn went on to say "Right now it’s in Gods hands and the jury’s hands and you know we are hoping for the best….I feel we are going to get what we want…but it’s up to the jury now."

Jurors are due back for deliberation Thursday morning.