UPDATE: George Simmons' daughter, Elizabeth Simmons, confirms the wheelchair was recovered Friday when someone was caught trying to sell it.

LEWISTON, Maine (NECN) — A man from Lewiston, who just had his leg amputated, wants to know why someone would steal the only thing that helps him get around.

George Simmons came home from the hospital Thursday to find his motorized wheelchair, batteries, and charger, were all stolen from his Blake Street apartment.

“I’ve been through hell,” he said.

He’s now bedridden, and pleading for the public’s help to locate his missing chair.

Lewiston Police are investigating the incident. According to Lt. David St. Pierre, the equipment was most likely stolen Wednesday night.

Simmons’ family noticed it was missing Thursday morning, when they went to pick him up from the hospital. He had been keeping it by his porch so the batteries could charge.

“I didn’t even chain it up, because who would steal a wheelchair?” he said.

Simmons said due to his declining health, he cannot use a basic wheelchair, and motorized ones are too expensive for his family to afford. For now, he plans to be recovering from his surgery in bed.

He hopes whoever stole the wheelchair will realize how much he needs it to have a bit of his freedom back.

“I could live my life,” he said. “And god forgive who took it. I hope god have mercy on his soul.”