The mother of the young Thomaston boy who told police a man came up to him in a van and asked him to go for a ride in it says she’s scared it could happen again.
Rachel Maynard thought her 11-year-old son would be safer if he biked to school Wednesday instead of walked.

She knew about an incident that happened just two days earlier in Owls Head where a group of men in a van reportedly tried to get a young girl to go with them.

Maynard’s son told the driver he wouldn’t go in the vehicle and told staff at the school what happened.

They called his mother and then filed a police report on Maynard’s behalf.

“It’s scary,” said Maynard. “I mean you don’t want your kids to go through that and that’s why I went on Facebook right away because I was trying to warn everyone around me where I lived. Nothing like that ever happens around here and I thought it was safe. He’s 11 years old and I just started letting him go ride his bike this year and I never expected anything like this. I’m scared to let him go again.”
Knox County Sheriff’s deputies were sent to area schools at dismissal time on Wednesday.

Police say any similar incidents should be reported to local law enforcement.