SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A mother and her son are dead after a crash in Norridgewock involving a school bus from SAD 73.

36-year-old Amanda Carter and her three-year-old son were pronounced dead on the scene when Sheriff deputies arrived on Friday night.

Officials said Carter's vehicle failed to stop at the intersection. No passengers on the bus reported any injuries but were shaken up at Saturday’s drama festival at Skowhegan Area High School.

One Parent said she will never forget the phone call she received from her son who was on that bus.

“He had called and said, ‘mom we're going to be a little bit late,’ and I could tell something was wrong. He was talking very quietly,” said Becky Mills. “And oddly enough, you heard silence instead of chitter chatter on a bus, it was completely silent. Then I asked ‘how about the other car?’ And he said ‘I don't think it's good.’"

The superintendent of the school also sent out a letter to parents, allowing their kids to leave the festival early for grieving purposes.