Millbridge, ME (NEWS CENTER) -- The Epipen, used to treat allergic reactions, can retail for as much as $600. Dr. Cathleen London thought that was outrageous, especially for her many patients who are uninsured in rural Washington County.

"I wanted to be in a rural, underserved area, so I am," Dr. London said. "I know people who are scraping by."

After practicing in big cities like Boston and New York, she came to Maine two years ago, but she's been frustrated by the state of medicine for years.

"Our drug costs are astronomical," she said.

So she created an alternative to the Epipen, using a refillable injector and syringes. The cost, just $50, plus $2.50 for refills; a 91.7% savings.

"I've done about ten of them so far," Dr. London said. "I've just ordered a bunch more in."

Although Dr. London isn't the first to do this, she has caught the attention of even the New York Times. The Maine Medical Association says they support her ingenuity so long as patients are properly trained.