PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- If a tree falls in the woods and no one can hear Sharon report it, does it make the news?

Yes, the MORNING REPORT would still have the story because there's nothing wrong with Lee Nelson's voice. He's been anchoring the show solo all week while Sharon Rose Vaznis battles a case of laryngitis.

Except for her hushed and raspy voice, Sharon is otherwise healthy. But that is enough to keep her off the air since she can't read the news. After two days at home, she returned to the newsroom on Wednesday to contribute behind the scenes.

Just as the MORNING REPORT was wrapping up for the day, Sharon came up with a way to rejoin the team. With all of the communication technology at our disposal, she grabbed a dry-erase board to flash the message, "The universe finally found a way to shut me up."

Lee and Todd Gutner were about as sympathetic to Sharon as two obnoxious brothers. They took the opportunity to tease her with a couple of friendly jabs, knowing that she couldn't respond. And like a put-upon sister, Sharon smiled and rolled her eyes indulgently while they had their fun.