AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- By the time the 128th legislative session wraps up in Augusta, Mainers just might be able to get a pet hedgehog a lot more easily than they could before, thanks to a bill by Senator Erik Brakey (R-Auburn).

According to Brakey, a Maine law makes obtaining the little critters as difficult as it is to obtain a pet tiger- both of which are considered exotic animals and require importation permits and housing permits in order to be owned as pets. Brakey wants to make hedgehogs as easily owned as chinchillas in Maine.

Then there's Rep. David McCrea who wants to make hunting wear more religiously acceptable for the Amish. While the neon orange required for hunting vests infringes on the conservative Amish beliefs, they do accept the color red. McCrea is trying to have that bill passed.

A few more unusual bills include making mini liquor bottles refundable and establishing a mattress stewardship program. Others include the ability to carry firearms on public campuses of universities and colleges, changing the holiday Columbus Day to Native American Appreciation Day, and stopping the traveling of elephants with animals acts.

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