PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Cindy is a force of nature at NEWS CENTER, so it's only fitting that she shares a name with a powerful weather event.

Tropical Storm Cindy was gathering strength in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday morning as it approached the southern United States seaboard. The storm is serious business for the people in its path. But the MORNING REPORT team couldn't suppress a few giggles as they spoke about Cindy's strength and ferocity.

A raised eyebrow by Lee Nelson suggested that description may also apply to his wife and fellow NEWS CENTER anchor, Cindy Williams.

Todd Gutner pushed the comparison even further by including pictures of Cindy (the human version) in his weather maps. Lee assured his co-anchors that the jokes were safe since his Cindy isn't awake for the MORNING REPORT. Although Lee might have some explaining to do once this story hits our website.

And we may get to see if Lee can take a little teasing as well as he dishes it out later in the hurricane season. A glance down the list of storm names for 2017 as compiled by the World Meteorological Organization shows Lee is a possibility if necessary.