HANCOCK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Franklin man Russell Burnett has been missing for the last three weeks, and his friends and family desperately continue their search.

Burnett recently lost his oldest son in a car accident, and it is believed that he may be suffering from mental health issues as a result. Although Burnett has a history of substance abuse, he was supposedly sober when he was last seen.

Burnett's niece, Lisa Richards said that the morning Burnett went missing, his dog, Bev, also went missing. She said that Bev was mysteriously returned two weeks later and that she's suspicious as to how the dog returned because it was in "excellent condition," and did not "look like it was in the woods."

Burnett was last seen on February 21, leaving a residence on Eastbrook Road in Franklin and although there have been a number of leads, his family believes that the sheriff's department could be doing more in search efforts. Richards said that the leads are being pushed aside as "irrelevant at the moment, or not as important or a priority."

Deputy Chief Patrick Kane of the Hancock County Sheriff's Department said that the department has used all of its resources investigating each lead, and that every lead has been pursued so far.