ARUNDEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A sad ending to the search for a missing woman in Arundel.

The body of 65-year-old Sue Kim Coito was found Friday morning in the woods near her home by a game warden and her K-9.

The body of Coito's husband, Matthew, was discovered Wednesday inside their home by a relative. Police said he died from a gunshot wound, but they don't yet know if that wound was self-inflicted or if he was shot by another person, which means his wife may have been a suspect or a witness.

Police said Sue Kim Coito suffered from Alzheimer's and that it appears she walked into the woods after her husband died, which they believe happened three to four days before his body was found.

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Matthew Coito was his wife's caregiver. Police said there was no history of problems between the couple. Neighbors said they used to see the couple walk along the road with their dog.

"It's sad that she's been out here," said Kandis Hayes. "I wish we would have known sooner, we could have gone looking.

"I've seen them walking up and down the road for many years, it's sad to hear what happened to them."

State police said the case is still being investigated.