BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- This week Bangor swore in newly-elected city councilors. One of those councilors may seem like an unlikely fit to some. That's because some nights, she's mixing drinks at the local bar.

Laura Supica, 37, is a bartender at Nocturnem Draft Haus in downtown Bangor. She serves food and drinks six nights a week. She also works at a retail store across the street to make ends meet.

As of Monday, she has a new title: Bangor City Councilor.

"I make less than the average person in Bangor make a year," Supica said, "that's how a lot of people live, and that's something that needs to be heard on city council."

Supica moved to Maine from San Francisco seven years ago. She's met many of her friends and supports at Nocturnem. To many people, Supica's experience in the service industry represents the day-to-day grind of "everyday Mainers," who don't work in more lucrative fields.

"They wanted to hear different opinions and voices," Supica said, "they were really excited that I was going to get in there and shake things up."

Supica says the service industry prepared her for a career in public service. She also credits the Emerge Maine program, which trains Democratic women on the campaign trail.

Though her journey to public office wasn't an easy one, Supica hopes her story will inspire everyday people to break down barriers in their own lives.