UNITY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Some marijuana growers in Maine are worried that some provisions in a marijuana draft bill released to the public Tuesday, will allow businesses from outside the state to dominate the market.

Caregiver, Dawson Julia, of East Coast CBDs in Unity believes the bill has some "good things" and some "bad things." Dawson likes that cities and towns would benefit from a 5 percent tax on marijuana sales. However, Julia is afraid requiring people to live in Maine for only 6 months before they can get a license, and allowing licensees to have 3 facilities, will enable large-scale companies from outside of the state to squash the smaller businesses.

Dan Brown of Gravelwood Farms in Blue Hill feels the same way.

"I'm very disappointed to hear that they're changing that aspect of it," Brown said.

Julia plans on speaking at the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee's public hearing on the draft bill in Augusta on September 26th.