AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault launched a new social media campaign Wednesday in order to support the survivors of sexual violence and encourage prevention.

Communications and Outreach Coordinator for MECASA, Cara Courchesne, said dozens of people have already submitted photos to the "Can Do" campaign, including state senators, police chiefs, and survivors of sexual violence.

The "#CanDo" campaign is a spin-off of the "#MeToo" campaign, which lit up social media with people sharing their stories of sexual assault or harassment.

"It's going beyond awareness. It's going beyond this happens and into what happens next and what can we do next," said Courchesne. "It not only talks about what people can do, it gives other people ideas of what they can do -- and not necessarily big, broad culture change, but smaller things that they can do each day."

Retired Col. Craig Poulin, who worked for the Maine State Police for nearly 30 years, was one of the first to submit a photo.

"I will work for a violence free future for my grandkids," Col. Poulin wrote in his post, along with a photo of him holding his two new granddaughters.

"We respond to a lot of things and clean up the mess afterwards, but prevention is really the key to any of this stuff," said Poulin. "I'm still a parent, a grandparent. If I can't be out there arresting people or I can't be out there investigating, I can support people that are a strong and important arm in the awareness of sexual assault."

Many of the photos are from survivors, who are sharing their experiences of sexual violence.

"That brought me to tears in my office. It just feels really impactful to see people who have been hurt in some of the worst ways possible and who still deal with issues of PTSD and depression and anxiety and all of the things that result from a sexual assault and use their voice for people who don't feel comfortable doing that," said Courchesne.

To share your photo and words of hope, you can message MECASA on Facebook, or e-mail