SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - On Sunday morning people from all over came to support runners in the 2017 MDI marathon.

Hundreds gathered in Southwest Harbor to cheer on runners as they crossed the finish line, and local businesses were full of activity.

Nancy Woodward has owned Eat A Pita in Southwest Harbor for 20 years, and on Sunday her small restaurant was one of the busiest eateries in MDI.

"A lot of the runners come in and try to eat healthy," said Woodward. "It has been good for business. No complaints. But is exciting to watch the runners that is the best part.

"This time of year I think it is the last burst of tourism for us," said DeSimone. "The weather gets a little colder for us so it brings some people out."

Michael Bryant was one of many supporters in Southwest Harbor and says that although he recognizes the economic benefit the area gets from the added traffic, everyone is inspired by the athletes.

"I think it means a lot to the local businesses for sure," said Bryant. "But I think it is very inspirational for some of us who are over 50 and maybe some of us who are younger, thinking about doing something like this someday and not thinking they could."

Supporters and business owners cheered and clapped for every single athlete as they crossed the finish line. Nancy Woodward said that although her restaurant is busy, she loves the event itself on the island.

"It is not so much the business you look for," said Woodward. "I mean it is a bonus, but it is just a wonderful thing to have happen on the island."