WALDO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Victoria Scott was arrested at her home in Rockport late Thursday afternoon by State Police detectives. She is charged with manslaughter in the death of 43 year old Edwin Littlefield jr., who was stabbed to death outside a home in Waldo on February 8.

Littlefield's sister, Bernadette Littlefield told NEWS CENTER shortly after Scott's court appearance Friday morning at Waldo County Superior Court that she's been waiting for justice for her brother since the night he was killed.

"The last three months has been very emotional, upsetting, heartbreaking. I wouldn't wish this on anybody it's been terrible," she said.

Littlefield has struggled to accept the fact that her brother is gone.

"I don't know if we ever have closure he's not here," she said.

He was stabbed to death outside a home on Kendall Corner Road while he was visiting a friend. Bernadette Littlefield said her brother, who they all called Butch would do anything for anyone.

"He's the type of guy to help anybody whether it's their house or a car. He's the type a guy take a shirt off his back," she said, "(The) last thing he did for us was put the roof on our new house that we're building."

She wondered why it had taken so long for police to make an arrest, but she's glad it finally happened, and hoping to get justice for her brother.

"Families feeling good we're happy they finally got the person who did it and we're happy," she said.

Scott is free on $35 thousand dollars surety bail awaiting trial.