UPDATE: Arthur Bush was sentenced to 23 years on the robbery charge and 10 years on the aggravated assault charge. The sentencing will run concurrently; all but 13 years are suspended followed by 4 years of probation.

Bush was ordered to pay the victim restitution of $4,265.28 for lost wages and $12,006.16 for medical bills.

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The man who confessed to police that he robbed and beat a store clerk at a wine store in Lewiston will be sentenced Monday afternoon in Lewiston District Court. He'll face the judge in a court room just across the street from where the assault happened.

Arthur Bush faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison for a robbery charge, and up to 10 years for an aggravated assault charge.

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In July of 2016, bush robbed The Vault wine and beer shop on Lisbon Street in Lewiston. During the robbery, Bush repeatedly struck the counter clerk over the head with an unopened wine bottle.
When he later turned himself in, Bush told police that he owed money to a drug dealer. After he assaulted the clerk, Bush tried and failed to open the cash register. Instead he made off with four dollars from the victim's wallet.

In addition to jail time, the prosecution is also demanding bush pay thousands of dollars to the victim to cover her medical bills and time spent out of work. Bush is scheduled to be sentenced at 3pm Monday.