CORNISH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man in Cornish said to have told one resident he was high on "acid" looking for his father was tasered twice by sheriff's deputies Tuesday before being arrested.

York County Sheriff William King said deputies responded to multiple early morning reports from High Street residents of a man yelling and screaming.

When approached, sheriff's deputies said James Remington III assumed a combative position and refused orders to submit. After trying to flee he then "squared off" with a deputy and started running toward him. Ignoring orders to stop, the man attempted to punch the deputy and was then tasered.

While attempting to handcuff the suspect, deputies said Remington III continued to fight and refused orders to submit. He was tasered again by a second deputy.

Remington III was taken to Maine Medical Center, treated and released to deputies.

Sheriff King said an investigation revealed Remington had assaulted family members who live nearby before going outside and causing a disturbance.

Remington III was charged with assault, refusing to submit (physical force) and violation of conditions of release from a previous arrest in Cumberland County, for which he was on bail conditions.

Bail was set at $500 cash. He was scheduled for video arraignment Wednesday if bail wasn't met.