BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In July, a young man was struck by a car while riding his bike to his job at Walmart in Brunswick.

The crash nearly killed him. It was a hit and run---but police tracked down and arrested 35-year-old Kristin Phillips, charging her with OUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

After months of physical therapy and healing, Jonathan Menard has regained his strength and is finally well enough to do what he's been missing the most: going back to work.

"I was hit on the bath road, dragged a little distance, my bike was found about a quarter of a mile from me on a different street.” Jonathan had been hit from behind, riding the one and a half mile route he'd done so many times before heading home from his job at Walmart. "Road burn, the arm and the legs, skull fracture, brain injury", he said.

The impact was so bad, Jonathan was in a coma for three days, and spent the next several weeks at the hospital. What he wanted most: "I'm just trying to get back into the routine that I used to be in."

We followed his progress for months - as he climbed back on the bike again - this time on a brand new one: a gift from a friend. "It's a really nice bike!"

Riding it builds his confidence and his strength--- four months after the accident, he's still working on it. What drives him is his desire to get back to his job in the lawn and garden department at Walmart. "Going back to work and doing stuff there might be what I need to get back into what I was and how I need to be."

Jonathan adds: "It means for me, a step into reality again..Where, it's just something I like to do."

And Jonathan, who has no memory of the accident, says he couldn't have gotten this far without the support from his co-workers and his community.

And this week, for the first time since July, he's headed back to the job he has missed dearly. "Seeing everyone again, seeing smiling faces, just helping customers, honestly. It feels like I'm going back to my second area home," he said.