AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man working at an alternative sentencing program in Maine died of a heart attack.

The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office said a 77-year-old man was working on a trail at Pilgrim Lodge when he fell, scraping his arm and injuring his hand Saturday morning, Oct. 21.

The man had been found guilty of operating under the influence in 2017 and was serving his sentence through the work program.

He was helped off the trail by an officer and police said was getting ready to be taken to the hospital when he had a heart attack.

The Alternative Sentencing program is a chance for a person found guilty of a non-violent misdemeanor crime, which is not a sex offense, to do their jail time in an alternative way.

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office, Maine State Police, Medical Examiner’s Office and Maine Department of Corrections are working together to document the incident.

The State of Maine Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy on Sunday and confirmed he died from cardiac arrest.

Police said there is no evidence to show anything but natural causes resulted in his death.