AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A man charged in the shooting death of another man back in June was in court today to enter pleas to two charges.

Derrick Dupont of West Gardiner is charged with Murder and Manslaughter in the death of James Haskell.

No one was charged in this case for more than two months. A grand jury then indicted Derrick Dupont. He was taken into custody on Friday and today made his first court appearance.

Dupont entered not guilty pleas to both charges against him. Investigators believe he shot and killed James Haskell outside Dupont’s home in the early morning hours of June 17th. Not long after the shooting Allison Haskell said her stepson had struggled with drugs, mental illness and run-ins with law, but was trying to turn his life around. She said she came to Dupont’s arraignment looking for answers about what happened, but no details were released in court. Police were not required to file an affidavit, which outlines the state’s case, because it went straight to a grand jury for indictment. That grand jury indicted Dupont on two charges, giving jurors an option for his trial.

“The indictment is for both knowing and intentional murder and manslaughter which obviously are two forms of taking the life of a human being and the jury can consider both of those charges”, said Leanne Zainea, assistant Attorney General.

For now Dupont is being held behind bars without bail. The state has requested a bail hearing which must be held within five days.