AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A man who is charged with murdering his father waived his right to a jury trial Monday and entered a guilty plea to manslaughter.

A judge found Leroy Smith not criminally responsible for manslaughter and ordered him to go to Riverview Psychiatric Hospital immediatley.

Smith pleaded guilty to brutally stabbing his father in their Gardiner apartment in 2014. Smith, who suffers from mental illness, was initially declared not mentally competent to stand trial.

However, under a Maine law passed two years ago, Smith was ordered by the court to take psychiatric medication so that he could become mentally competent and stand trial.


A judge ruled him competent earlier this year.

Smith is the first defendant in Maine state history to be involuntarily medicated to stand trial.

Prosecutors in the case said Monday, "it's very clear Leroy Smith was legally insane at the time he killed his father."

The state said it was surprised Smith wanted to plead guilty. They say for the last two years Smith has been adamant that he wanted to tell his story to the jury.