PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)- According to Clinton Chief of Police Stanley W. Bell, Clinton police arrested a male juvenile on Saturday afternoon after receiving a report of a stabbing on Hinckley Road.

State police arrested the juvenile after having a Police K9 named Draco hunt for the suspect. The juvenile is charged with felony aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. The home is near Route 23, about a mile and a half from the Hinckley Bridge in Fairfield.

Clinton police Detective Sgt. Robert McFetridge said the victim's wounds were minor, and that police also were briefly holding a female juvenile for questioning. Both identities of the juveniles are being withheld because of their age.

Police said, “We had a juvenile that had a bad spell. He attacked an adult male in there,” he said of the single-family mobile home set in the woods, back from the road. “There was a weapon involved, but no serious injuries. We had to call state police for assistance and have a canine to track him.”

The identified victim of the attack is a family member, McFetridge said.

He said there was a juvenile female with the alleged attacker and she was not arrested. Police expect no charges will be brought against the girl.

The boy was taken to the Clinton police station and charged as a juvenile. A juvenile probation officer was called to meet them at the police station. The juvenile was then transferred to Kennebec County Corrections at the direction of the State Juvenile Officer.