BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine currently only has one detox treatment center in the state, now a second one will be established in Bangor after Wellsping Inc. received a $900,000 contract from the state to create one.

"It allows an opportunity for people that want to initiate recovery to have that" Bruce Campbell said. Campbell is the clinical director for Wellspring Inc. "What one of the biggest barriers is, I don't have any money and I don't know where to go, so this would answer kind of both of those questions".

Those that use the center will handle their withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment surrounded by support. Campbell says the center will provide the first step addicts need to begin their road to recovery while saving tax payers money. "Peer support doesn't require insurance, it doesn't require a lot of the things that formal treatment does" Campbell said. "Even shortening an emergency room visit by a few hours would pay for a day of detox".

Wellspring has not determined where the new center will be located. Campbell projects things to be up and running sometime between early and mid 2017.