LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Maine Association of Manufactures wants grow the industry and inspire the next generation. On Friday, the MAM let students from several schools experience manufacturing in the real world.

As part of the Dream It, Do It campaign and National Manufacturing Day, more than 1,000 high school and middle school students toured facilities around Maine. The idea is to dispel myths about the industry and give young adults the chance to see that their engineering, technical and other skills can lead to well-paying careers.

"I think it just shows how far this can go," said Matthew Roeser, a Junior at Saint Dominic Academy in Auburn. Roeser helped found his school's robotics team. On Thursday, Roeser and his classmates toured Modula, a vertical modular storage facility in Lewiston. "I can't wait to do stuff like this. In college I want to go to do robotics and engineering so I want to do stuff like this, manufacturing plant and robotics firm, something like that."

According to the nonprofit, MAM, the manufacturing industry currently accounts for nearly 60 thousand jobs in Maine. Friday, Octover 7th, is the official National Manufacturing Day.