HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Mainers waited in long lines on Monday night to get gas for their generators and cars after many areas around the sate lost power in the storm

Dysart's Truck Stop and Restaurant in Hermon had a line out of the parking lot last night as people came to fill up their tanks and grab a bite to eat.

Some people who said they had been to as many as two or three other gas stations where the line was just too long to wait.

"In Hermon the gas station was the same way," said Jody Daigle. "There was cars down the street waiting in line."

"My generator was almost out so I needed more gas," said Jon Stuart. "I stopped by Hermon but the line was unreal."

Dysart's offers food and gas so many people without power were able to have a hot meal while also fill up their cars generators. Dysart family member Mary Dysart Hartt says her family has owned the truck stop for 50 years and that they are more than prepared for nights like Monday night.

"We went through the ice storm years ago that we did not have enough power to be able to man everything," said Hartt. "After that we got a generator so we could get everything going. It is kind of what we see when there are power outages in the town."