PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There were some people in support of President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court, and some who were adamantly against; either way, opinions were heard today at Senator King's (I-ME) listening session in Portland.

Sen. Angus King met with Judge Neil Gorsuch this week. But instead of immediately releasing his opinion of the nominee, he decided to open the forum up to Maine voters. He hosted a listening session at the University of Maine Law School in Portland on Sunday.

Audience members were allowed two minutes each to ask a question or share their opinion of President Trump's Supreme Court nominee. The Senator mostly listened for two hours, offering a comment here and there, but held his own comments until the end of the session.

"One of you asked how I will vote-- I haven't decided yet," Sen. King said at the end of the question and comment period. He said he has a number of factors to consider before choosing a side. He said the listening session was one of the most important, but also Judge Gorsuch's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"I will be attending the hearing even though I am not on the committee," said the independent senator. During his remarks, he held up the binders holding Judge Gorsuch's written opinions from the last decade-- of which Sen. King said there were thousands. He said he has been steadily reading through them.

Sen. King spoke mostly about his vote on the Supreme Court nominee, but he also took a moment to address unrelated questions, posed by the audience.

"I think we do really have to think hard about the electoral college," said Sen. King. "And I've thought this for a long time. It has nothing to do with this past election."

The session was scheduled to end at 7 p.m., but the senator and the panel returned to the stage for a second portion following a quick break.